ditributer of solid surface and mdf

ditributer of solid surface and mdf


Iran's Green Trading Company established in 1380 and has started its business,and now has been established as one of the most experienced importer in Iran.

IRANSABZ has experienced incredible growth over the years and today our presence extends to over 24 provinces through more than 400 company owned showrooms, distribution centers and an extensive network of independent distributors and retailers .IRANSABZ unique distribution method allows us to bring you the latest in European design well ahead of independent distributors

Iran Business Green was originally a small company in a short period of time, relying on the knowledge, diligence, investment and special abilities have earned a special place in domestic and foreign market

In this regard, the company is proud to have the capability to import and distribute the world's most prestigious luxury brands, such as:

Staron Samsung

Radianz Samsung

Alvic MDF

Latho MDF

Cleaf MDF

Merino MDF


Neiman MDF

PVC Roll

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  • انقضاء : 1393/05/17
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